2023 CE Points Posted

2023 CE points have been posted for easy reference.  Most sessions have a reoccurring program number.  This is by design as our programs were approved monthly under the same number for the renewal cycle.

Save the Date:  OMFPS Christmas Party

The annual OMFPS Christmas party will be held on December 19th at 11:30am.  More details to follow.

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Training topics

NEW Trainings Announced!  Please visit our meetings/training page for details.

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Bring forth issues of mutual interest in the field of fire prevention within Oakland and Macomb counties.


Provide an open forum for the free exchange of thoughts, ideas and relative input.


Share our collective knowledge in these matters to better support our communities.


Email us with any questions you may have ...

If you have questions, or information, that you would like to share with this organization, please send an email to the address below.

We will reply as soon as we are able.